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BREAKING NEWS: The Modern Whig Party of Kentucky has gained ballot access!!!!

The Modern Whig Party of Kentucky is an affiliate state chapter of the national Modern Whig Party. We are a centrist party that puts people before party and politics, and utilizes practicality and methodology in lieu of ideology.

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Our party stands on six basic tenets: fiscal responsibility, energy independence, education and scientific advancement, states’ rights, social progression, and veterans’ affairs.

We aim to reach out to fellow Kentuckians who wish to follow on the example provided by great Kentucky Whig Henry Clay who knew that effective government required pragmatism and compromising. Clay spent the final years of his life striving to prevent the inevitable civil war and found success in delaying it. He was the first American to lie in state after his death. The next would be fellow Kentucky native Abraham Lincoln – only 13 years later.

The Modern Whig Party of Kentucky strives to build a bridge between the different cultures across the bluegrass to provide for a stronger future for all of the commonwealth.

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